Simplify your course creation so you actually get it done!

Create Your Simple Mini-Course

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Thinking of creating an online course but worried about the extra work, tech & time commitment it will take to make it?

Mini-courses are the key to getting your digital program up and running - and selling - in days, not months!

Don't pressure yourself to create a flashy $2K course if you're already busy and overwhelmed. It's not the only option for adding passive income to your business model.

You can create a smaller course that focuses on one small topic that will help people save time, effort, stress, or money, with bite-sized content that is easy to create for you, and easy to consume and action for your client.

Once your first mini-course is bringing in revenue it frees you up to create more, and at that point, you can build from there and create a digital product suite or package some of them together to create your signature offer!

Let's create your mini-course the simple way with an easy-to-follow process from idea to sales page.

Create Your Simple Mini-Course

Just $197 USD for lifetime access!

Create Your Simple Mini-Course is a short & simple program that shows you how to get your first course up and running the easy way

Here's what you'll learn in the program:

  • Where to start: How to come up with a simple idea for your mini-course that will sell easily
  • Plan your mini-course the easy way: What to include to ensure a great experience for your course students without overwhelm
  • How to create high-quality course content in less time, with less effort
  • Simple tech & tools: Easy to use course platforms that suit any budget
  • Easy Updates: The effortless way to keep your course relevant and ready to sell
  • Simple Sales Page: Four steps to create a simple sales page that converts (template included)
  • Real-life secrets to success as a course creator

Create Your Simple Mini-Course is perfect for you if..

  • You love what you do but you're working more hours than you'd like to. You crave more flexibility in your work week without sacrificing your income.
  • You see other entrepreneurs and creators launching their courses and would love to do the same but you aren't a techy person and don't have the time to learn about course creation. You just want someone to walk you through the basics in a way that's easy to action so you're more likely to do it.
  • You love to help people and you know an online course will give you the ability to help more of them, so it feels like a great fit, but you have no idea how to create one and don't want to spend weeks researching options.

It's probably not for you if..

  • You can't find 2-3 days (or a few half days) in your calendar to create your course over the next couple of months.
  • You're looking for an easy payday without having to take any action (I can show you how to do this the easy way, but you still have to do it to see results).

Meet your teacher

I'm Marissa Roberts, and I love to find simpler & easier ways to do things!

In business, this means finding ways to lighten your workload with systems & processes, work to your strengths and natural talents, tighten your boundaries for fewer working hours, and find a simple business model that runs smoothly for you.

As a mum of two who built my original business Beautifully Organised while working just 10 hours a week or less, I've collected a bunch of ideas, hacks and strategies along the way to simplify processes, save time and make work easier - without sacrificing my income or lifestyle.

This led to the creation of The Simpler Business Podcast - where I share what I've learned and what's working online with other entrepreneurs, creators and business owners.

The Simpler Business Podcast with Marissa Roberts launched in 2020 and hit #68 in the Apple Podcasts - Business - Australia Top 100 charts in its first week, and now I spend less than an hour per week creating and releasing an episode each Wednesday.

Hosting a podcast has been a fantastic way to reach and connect with new people and grow my business. It's also been an amazing way to meet other entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators and develop lasting relationships with them, leading to many lucrative partnership opportunities!

Marissa has brought the JOY back to the things I found frustrating or time consuming.

I'm even loving writing copy for my sales pages, emails and socials again!

Naomi Findlay , Home Renovations and Property Styling Expert

"I have so many people comment on how productive I am thanks to the tips Marissa gives me.

She's an absolute genius when it comes to simple things that over time add up to a massive shift in productivity"

Louise Wilkinson, Host of The Juice radio show and podcast

"Whatever I want to focus on, Marissa finds a way to simplify it and turn it into a profitable venture, complete with a step by step, easy to follow pathway to get there.

It’s like her brain is naturally tuned to making things easier for entrepreneurs and service providers."

Alana Nixon, Host of the Oversubscribed podcast

Ready to create your mini-course the simple way?

Create Your Simple Mini-Course

Just $197 USD for lifetime access!