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Will you be on my Podcast / Summit / Show?

I love doing interviews and collabs and can talk about simplifying business and life ALL day long!

Check below to make sure your request is a good fit, then email me the details!

✅ Podcast Interviews - of course! Click here and we'll make it happen :)

✅ YouTube collabs

✅ JV webinars

✅ Live shows

✅ Summits

✅ Speaking for your paid program ($100 per hour)

✅ Speaking from the stage ($2000 + travel & accommodation costs OR just cover travel & accommodation if you're happy for me to sell from the stage)

❌ Giving a free class for your paid program

❌ Speaking at your event for free and paying my own travel and accommodation costs

If we work together, I'll promote in the following ways provided the promotion is returned from your end too!

  • A post on my Facebook page
  • An Instagram Reel
  • An Instagram story
  • A Tweet
  • An email to my list

I live in Australia, my timezone is AEST / AEDT and I work Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri. No weekends or holidays, and on Thursdays I go to the movies 🍿😊

Can I have your headshot for your guest promo?

Of course! Here are some high res images you can use for your promos

Can I have your bio?

Here you go!

Host of The Simpler Business podcast, Marissa Roberts is passionate about helping business owners, service providers and entrepreneurs find simpler and easier ways to run their businesses.

As a mum of two who built her first business Beautifully Organised working just 10 hours a week or less, Marissa has collected lots of ideas, hacks, and strategies along the way to help you simplify tasks, save time and make work easier - without sacrificing your income or lifestyle. 

To learn how to lighten your workload with systems & processes, work to your strengths and natural talents, tighten your boundaries for fewer working hours, and find a simple business model that runs smoothly for you, head to

I can't remember where to log into my course!

That's easy!

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Can I be a guest on your podcast?

I'm always looking for great stories to share on how to simplify a specific area of business for entrepreneurs. If your topic or story fits and will help other people, apply here!

Will you work for my business?

I currently have availability to take on new private clients for my service packages.

If you need simplifying ideas, troubleshooting and strategy help, I am available for Simplify & Scale intensives (VIP day focused on your business model) or short consults (Q&A / ideas session on a specific topic)