Let's add more results to your business.. not more hours!

  • Learn the 6 types of passive digital products you can add to your business
  • Discover the FREE & very affordable tools that make creating digital products a breeze, even if you're not a 'tech person'
  • Perfect for anyone running a service business - from coaches & consultants to bookkeepers & dog groomers.. and more!


Hi, I’m Marissa Roberts from Beautifully Organised Business, and I’m obsessed with simplifying business for service providers! Specifically, I show service providers simple ways to lighten their workload while they grow their business online.

As a mum of two who built my original business Beautifully Organised while working just 10 hours a week or less, I've collected a LOT of ideas, hacks and strategies along the way to simplify processes, save time and make work easier - without sacrificing my income or lifestyle.  

Short on time or tech experience? Don't stress. This resource points you to simple tools that anyone can use, even if you're not naturally a tech person. 

I created this ebook because I want every service provider to know there's an easier way to add extra income streams to your business, giving you more freedom and more money... even if you traditionally work one on one with clients!

Grab your FREE eBook "6 Ways Service Providers Can Make Passive Income" today and get ready for a great year!


"I’m always amazed at the ideas Marissa comes up with to grow my business. Whatever I want to focus on, she finds a way to simplify it and turn it into a profitable venture, complete with a step by step, easy to follow path way to get there.  

It’s like her brain is naturally tuned to making things easier for entrepreneurs and service providers.”  

- Alana Nixon getoversubscribed.com  


"Marissa has a real knack for finding simple ways to add profitable income streams to any service-based business.  

She truly understands how the entrepreneur brain works and what’s needed to turn an idea into a profitable venture.  

Every time I collaborate with Marissa I’m amazed at what we accomplish together and the difference we make in our customers’ lives and businesses!'  

- Caylie Price, betterbusinessbetterlife.com.au  

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