Can email marketing work for ANY type of business?

I’ve been running my online businesses for more than a decade now and the smartest step I took was to build an email list and write to it regularly.

Email marketing is where I make most of my sales for my online programs, digital products and VIP Days and it has been instrumental in creating a number of income streams that have continued to grow year after year. 

Trends come and go, social media platforms change, but email always stays the same. You can connect directly with your customers in an easy, reliable and affordable way, and the better you become at writing your emails, the more sales you’ll make!

My guest today built her family business and started successfully selling in just a few months, and email is the number one way she makes sales and connects with her customers.

Sena Wheeler is part of a 3rd generation fishing family and the co-founder of Sena Sea, which brings wild Alaskan seafood direct to your door.

She was featured on Marie Forleo's blog for how she has 10x'd her sales by writing emails about fish. She's passionate about the power of connecting with your target audience through email communication. 

She and her husband enjoy running the family business together, spending part of the year in Alaska and having the flexibility to enjoy watching her children participate in their school sports, and of course, eating and cooking fish!

I’m so excited to share Sena's story because over the years I’ve noticed people say things like, “email marketing only works for coaches”, “you can’t sell products as successfully via email as you can with a shop front” and Sena is an amazing example of how it really can work!

Listen in as Sena and I discuss how she started the business, how she initially marketed and sold her fish, the moment she realised the power of copywriting and email marketing to grow a business, and her recommendations for business owners who want to get better at copywriting!

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I'd love to know your thoughts on 10x your sales by learning how to write better emails too! Come chat with me on Instagram anytime.

x Marissa

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