5 Ways To Prevent Burnout As A Service Based Business Owner

As a business owner, I have a feeling you’re no stranger to long hours, multitasking, and a never ending to do list!

Let’s look at some simple ways you can run your business and make great money while still protecting your time and energy!



Keeping Things Simple As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur who struggles to keep things streamlined and simple because you feel called to do lots of different things, this episode is for you!

Everyone says to niche down and target a very specific audience with a very specific offer so that when they find us they know straight away we can help them, and that is good advice if you’re great at just one thing - but what if you’re great at lots of things? What if we choose the wrong thing to focus on? What if we waste a year focusing in one area and then realise later that we want to help people in other ways, with other products and services?

Listen in as we chat about the best ways that multi-passionate entrepreneurs can keep things simple without niching down.


It’s Never Too Late For Success

If you’ve been wondering if you’re too old to start your own business, not tech enough to run a business online, or not trendy enough to have people take notice of you. 

We think so many things are holding us back from creating the business and life of our dreams - but the truth is, it’s not the external stuff holding you back. 

It’s not your age. It’s not your tech skills. It’s not a lack of opportunity or resources.

The only thing holding you back is your mindset.


Growing Sustainably: 3 Simple Systems to Stay Present in Your Zone of Genius as You Scale to 6 Figures

If you have no idea where to start or feel overwhelmed by all the options out there when it comes to growing and scaling your business, you’re going to find today’s episode VERY helpful!

As your business grows, you can’t wing it anymore - you need systems and processes to support you and make your business and life easier.

If you’re ready to set up systems so they can help you organise and automate your businesses, hire and onboard your first team member with ease, and stay focused in your zone of genius as much as possible, I have just the guest for you!


Combat Decision Fatigue and Watch Your Business Thrive

Are you exhausted from making endless decisions?

Decision fatigue is a real thing, and as a business owner I bet you’re no stranger to it! We often find ourselves juggling numerous responsibilities, both in the business and our personal lives. The constant need to make important decisions - and even the smaller ones -  can take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being, hindering our ability to find balance and actually enjoy what we’re doing.

The good news is, once you learn how to manage decision fatigue, you can reclaim your energy,  flow through your day and enjoy better outcomes both in your business and overall well-being.


Turn your natural skills into a money making machine

We all have natural talents and skills that make us unique and helpful.

Whether it's an eye for design, a knack for organising, a talent for cooking, a way with words, or an innate ability to connect with others, these skills can often feel like second nature and we don’t realise how valuable they truly are.

What if you could turn these natural gifts into a thriving business that not only fulfils your passion but also brings in substantial income?


Mindset shifts to scale your biz without sacrificing your freedoms.

Once you’ve got your business foundations sorted - your ideal customer avatar, your product & services, your offers & deliverables - you’re ready to scale!

But scaling your business can be both exciting and a little daunting...  

You want your business to grow but you don’t want to overwork yourself and burn out! After all, one of the reasons you started your business was to have more freedom.

Here are some key mindset shifts that will allow you to scale your business without sacrificing your freedom!


10x your sales by learning how to write better emails.

Can email marketing work for ANY type of business?

I’ve been running my online businesses for more than a decade now and the smartest step I took was to build an email list and write to it regularly.

Email marketing is where I make most of my sales for my online programs, digital products and VIP Days and it has been instrumental in creating a number of income streams that have continued to grow year after year.


Managing The Accounts For Your Small Business.

You know bookkeeping is important, but it's not easy, and getting a bookkeeper might feel like a big expense, especially in your first few years running your business.

So what do you do? Ask your accountant to sort it out for you (costing you a fortune), have a go yourself, make plenty of mistakes, spend time and money to fix it, or get your partner, family member or friend to help you out, even if you're not sure they are confident either?

The good news is, there’s a simple solution for you now!


Scaling to Multiple Seven Figures with a Low Ticket Offer.

In the world of online business, many entrepreneurs are constantly on the hunt for the perfect product or service to offer and high ticket offers seem to be the recommendation of many coaches. 

These are high-priced products or services that typically require a significant investment from the customer (typically thousands) and this can create a significant income stream for the business owner, but while they can certainly be lucrative, they can also be trickier to sell.

The alternative option is a low ticket offer - a product or service priced at lower level, typically ranging from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. These can be anything from digital products to coaching sessions or services.  It’s an easier “Yes” for your customer, but can it provide the same level of revenue as high ticket offers?


Intuitive writing with nature’s rhythms.

Do you have a story to tell or a message to share, but wish writing it was easier?

Do your words sound good in your head but then you have trouble getting them onto the page?

When you write do you feel like what you really want to come through, is kids of stuck, or doesn’t quite feel right?

Your words are an extension of your energy, and when done right, they connect with your readers, inspire them and motivate them to take action.


A simple funnel to boost your income this month.

Need a simple funnel to boost your income this month?

Here’s my favourite - just 3 simple steps!


How to have peace and profits.

As entrepreneurs, it's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of profits. We often measure our success by our bottom line and our monetary achievements, but when we solely on profits, we can neglect other important parts of our lives, which can lead to burnout, stress, and lack of purpose, which can negatively impact your output and in turn your financial stability in the long run.

When you prioritise balance, wellbeing and peace in your life and business as well as profits, you can achieve more success and sustainability without the stress and burnout.


Optimising your discovery calls.

If you’re uncomfortable selling, it’s NOT a sign that you’re not good at it.

It’s more likely you’re just trying to wing it, you don’t have a process to follow, and you’re making it more about you than about your potential client.

It’s time to ditch the outdated, pushy strategies and learn how to sell by combining sales skills and kindness to meet prospects where they are and earn their business effortlessly!


How to flourish on your own terms.

Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed with your business and life right now?

Juggling work, family, fitness, friends - feeling like you’re trying to handle all of it but you can’t really focus properly on any of them?

Are you planning, scheduling, writing to do lists - but finding you just don’t have the energy to action them?


Having more freedom and fun as a business owner.

Do you control your calendar or does your calendar control you?

Here's how to manage your time a little more easily so you can have more fun and freedom in your business without sacrificing your productivity or success!


How to Know When You're Ready to Outsource Work.

Running a successful business takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. It might be time for you to outsource the simple and repetitive tasks in your business that don’t need your face, voice or personality!


This is the year you grow and scale your business.

Big results are possible for you too, and you don’t have to work harder or longer hours to achieve them.


How to leverage your digital marketing for business growth

You can’t have a business without clients or customers, and your potential clients and customers can’t find you if you’re not marketing your business consistently and strategically.


5 Easy ways to increase your visibility

Simple ways to get in front of more of your ideal customers.


Reviewing and simplifying your business in 2023

Simple goal setting and actions to achieve your growth and income goals.


How to grow your business and remain profitable at the same time

Profitability is possible when you understand your numbers and have an intentional financial plan for success.


Simplifying Your Business Systems

Let's set up your systems the simple way.


Reverse engineering your business growth

Want more results from your business, without risking burnout? Work backwards.


Actions that generate more revenue in your business

Prioritise actions in your business that generate revenue to be more profitable and scale more easily.


Attracting clients with effective storytelling

Converting website visitors into paying customers is a must for every successful business. So where do we start? With a story.


Stress free launching - yes, it's possible!

It’s not enough to just create your course and sit back and wait for the sales to roll in, you need to tell people about it and encourage them to buy it! A launch is the most effective way - here's how to make it stress free.


Ask yourself these questions before you buy your next online program

There are only so many hours you can commit to learning & development as a business owner, so it pays to choose your courses wisely.


Email subject line tweaks for higher open rates

Want to make more sales from your emails? First, you need people to open and read them.


9 Easy ways to get testimonials and social proof for your product, service or business

Stop stressing about asking and use these easy ways to get plenty of lovely words without begging or bribing ;)


How I use systems & processes to simplify my business

I’m all about finding easier ways to do things, and systems and processes have been a game-changer in both of my businesses.


A peek at my typical 2 hour workday

I work eight hours a week running two online businesses. It’s not always the same, but this is how my simple life as an entrepreneur and mother of 2 looks right now.


Simple goal setting that actually works

Goal setting works best when you make your goal as easy to achieve as possible. Here are 4 steps to help you do that.


Converting your audience into paying clients through personal branding and impactful design

Using branding and design for positioning, visibility and building know, like & trust with your audience.


Sharing small shifts I've made at work and in life on the 10 Degree Shift podcast

A peek behind the scenes in my life and how small changes have had a big impact.


3 Easy ways to simplify your content and increase your sales

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6 Ways to simplify your workday

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Easy offers for a quick cashflow boost

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How to grow beyond your audience and get more exposure

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8 Easy content creation hacks to improve your consistency and increase your visibility

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One handy tip to make your workday easier

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