The obvious way to make more money in your business is to make more sales.

The easiest way to make more sales is to get your offer in front of more people. Specifically, the right people. the people you can help with your product or service.

So how do you get in front of them without taking too much time away from everything else you’re already doing as a business owner or entrepreneur? How do you increase your visibility without having to spend a ton of money, time and effort doing so?

For me, the answer is to be a little bit strategic about the actions I’m taking in my business. I only like to work a couple of hours each day - around 8 hours a week - so when I’m planning any action in my business I like it to be fun and flowy and easy to implement. The easier it is, the more likely I am to do it.

Here are 5 of my favourite easy ways to increase my visibility and get in front of more of my ideal potential customers:

Go to local events.

Now these don’t have to be corporat-ey, network-ey, business events. You don’t have to “network” if you don’t want to.

Look for events in your local area (they can be work related or just fun ones), show up, have fun, do a little chatting with the host or other attendees, and take a photo or make a short video or Story and tag the event host so they can reshare it on their socials. This gives you an easy way to show up in front of their community. and you can build on that later by hopping on your Stories and talking about what you enjoyed about the event.

Now you’ve shown up, met someone new, and you’ve shared them with your community, and along with the reciprocal reshape of your content, you’ve also started to build a real life relationship with a like minded person and you can look for opportunities to stay in touch and maybe partner up on something else in the future.

Regular Speaking.

In person or online, speaking is a great way to increase your visibility and also get really comfortable talking about what you do, how you help people, and sharing your own journey, your own story.

In person:

For an easy start, look for local events with panels related to your industry / niche / topics. When you find one, email the host, introduce yourself, explain what you do and ask if they’d like an extra panel speaker on the day. Or you can skip the panels altogether and ask if they’d like an extra speaker for the day, or if they would like you to be a back up speaker in case anyone else has to cancel last minute.


It’s easier than you think to collaborate with other business owners, entrepreneurs and creators.

Sign yourself up for summit directories. Speaking of summits, whenever you get an email from someone promoting a summit or bundle they’re in, email the host and ask if they’d like an extra contributor. Have your talk and offer title, image & description, and headshot & bio ready to go so you can send them through quickly if the host is interested. 

You can pitch yourself to podcast hosts the easy way too. Subscribe to their podcast and email list, and when you come across an episode you love, hit reply to their email, tell them why you loved it, and say if they're looking for more guests, you’d love to come on the show and talk about TOPIC.

Host your own free, regular live classes / masterclasses / webinars that people sign up to attend so that you’re growing your email list while increasing your visibility. It doesn’t matter how many people sign up at first, you’ll get regular practice running them and get better and more comfortable doing it every time. Include a simple offer in each masterclass for attendees who would like to work with you further, and record and repurpose them as evergreen classes for your funnels or paid trainings in the future. Put a link on the thank you page after sign up encouraging people to share the masterclass image and URL on their Instagram stories or Facebook feed, so you can get in front of their followers too and reach even more people!

Guest posting.

Ask another business owner, entrepreneur or creator if they’d like to swap guest posts with you. It’s a win for you both as it’s a fair exchange, you write for them and they write for you. You can write a new article or repurpose one that has performed well on your own blog in the past. If you’re a podcaster and you don’t have a blog, you can take one of your best podcast episodes, have it transcribed, and offer that as your guest article.

Document your day on socials.

Take the pressure off - not all of your content needs to be authority positioning or sales related. Build a real relationship with your social media followers by documenting your day with short videos or photos - what you’re doing, eating, working on, who you’re talking to, what you’re reading or watching. Ask questions or add polls to your stories that people can answer quickly and easily, it will boost your engagement and increase your visibility in their feed. And if you’re sharing a product or a program as part of your day. don’t forget to tag the business or the business owner so they can reshare your story and put you in front of their audience too!

Encourage people to share your offers for you (and they can make money doing it)


Set up an affiliate program (really easy to do in a few clicks with ThriveCart (affiliate link) and let your biz besties know when your offers are available in case they’d like to share them. Offer your affiliate program to past and present clients and course students. They’ll share your offer with their friends, following and communities for you and talk about why they love it, and you can also use those lovely words as testimonials!

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