Do you struggle with consistent content creation?

We all know we need to create regular content to grow our business and develop relationships with potential customers.

So why do so many of us post and ghost, popping up every few weeks or months instead of daily or weekly?

Maybe inspiration didn’t hit this week. Maybe motivation took a dive. Maybe imposter syndrome or comparisonitis reared its ugly head, or maybe life just got busy and we forgot or had to let go of something in order to juggle everything else.

No one is naturally good at creating consistent content. But it does get easier over time, the more and more you do it. And luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to hack your content creation in the meantime so you can be more consistent.

I’m sharing 8 ideas today, please remember you don’t have to do them all. I host The Simpler Business podcast, not the Do it All podcast! Choose one or two that resonate with you and go from there.

#1 Keep an Ideas list handy.

Jot down your ideas whenever you get them and when it’s time to create content you can pick and choose from the list, no brainstorming required! You can use a notebook and pen, the Notes app on your phone, or a fancy spreadsheet in Google drive if that’s your thing. Whatever is easiest for you! That’s the key to doing it regularly.

#2 Create content that suits you.

If you hate writing but love talking, choose podcasts over blog posts. If you hate planning and just want to wing it, live streams are for you. I know you’ve heard over and over again that you should be creating content for your audience, not for you, but that’s where your topic comes in. Your audience will benefit from your content, you will benefit from creating it in a way that flows easily for you. Once you’ve mastered consistency this way, you can repurpose it to other formats and other platforms easily.

#3 Define your foundational content topics.

Zero in on the 4 main things you stand for in your niche and post about those regularly so that they become what you’re known for (mine are simplifying business, adding a passive income stream, setting boundaries and working fewer hours).

#4 Keep your content evergreen.

Your articles, podcast episodes, videos & Reels can show up any time in someone’s feed or search results. Don’t waste your time and effort creating a time-sensitive or seasonal post that becomes irrelevant soon after you publish it. Create content that’s relevant and relatable for the whole year.

#5 Batch when you can to save time and stay in flow.

Batching is a game-changer when it comes to creating content and being consistently visible to your audience.

Book a day into your calendar to write 12 blog posts at once and schedule them to go out weekly. Now you have 12 weeks of content for your blog and email list.

Book a half-hour into your calendar each week to batch film 7 Reels. Now you have them ready to go and can add a caption and publish quickly and easily each day. Stick to your foundational topics and repurpose your blog posts for easy captions.

#6 Recycle high performers on your socials.

Did a post, or Reel perform really well? Post it again! You can recreate a Reel with the same video and a new caption, or film a new video to use with a previous caption, or you can post the exact same video and caption again. Seriously — most people engage with content in their feed now, rather than going to each profile and bingeing on one creator at a time. Repost your high-performing content, people are obviously getting value from it so why bury it at the bottom of your grid?

#7 Create a content rhythm / schedule.

There’s no set-in-stone rule for how often to post on socials or email your list, but you’ll grow your reach if you post consistently, and you’ll build Know, Like and Trust if you email consistently. You can decide what consistency means to you (daily, weekly, fortnightly) provided your audience can expect to see you regularly. Decide on your posting schedule / rhythm and stick to it to grow your following and develop real relationships with your subscribers.

#8 Curate your photo bank and keep it handy

Start boosting your authority and expert positioning with a bank of great photos of YOU. The more people see YOU when they consume your content, the easier it is for them to connect with you as a person and start to trust you as an authority in your field.

Curate a folder of images you can use in your social posts, articles & email marketing so you have plenty that compliments your brand, ready whenever you need them in a Canva, Google Drive, or Dropbox folder. It’s so much easier and more consistent to have a bank of great photos ready to go instead of having to do your hair and make-up every time you want to post a pic. It’s also really handy to share your folder link when you’re guesting on podcasts or shows instead of having to email your photo — and your host can choose their favourite!

Photoshoots are easier and more affordable than ever and level up your branding and positioning immediately. If you haven’t done a photo shoot yet, now is the time to do it. Check out the interview I did with my photographer Trish Evans for tips on easy photoshoots

I hope you found these tips helpful!

If you need help tailoring them to suit your business, book a consult and we'll do it together!

x Marissa

P.S. I recently added a section to my website sharing the tools I use to run my business easily, if you're interested in checking that out, click here.

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