The goal as a business owner is for it to be a success, You want people to buy your products and book your services, to love the experience of working with you, to refer you to others, to have that cash flowing in and enjoy the limitless potential your business has!

It all sounds amazing and you’re on track to get there - but the challenge of being a successful business owner is that when your business grows, it starts to get too big for you to run it all by yourself.

We start out wearing all the hats and doing all the things and we get really good at it because we’re passionate about our business and we want it to succeed. But when things go well, it means things get busy.

So we try to cram it all in and be as organised as possible but there are literally no more hours in the day, and we started our business for more freedom, not to be chained to our computer! The juggle is real and we start to miss a little thing here, a little thing there, we start to feel overworked and burnt out.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when those little misses start to add up, that’s when we realise it can make the difference between signing a high ticket client or losing one. It can affect our deliverability on our services and create a less than spectacular customer experience, leading to less repeat purchases and then things start to spiral.

Those little misses are a sign that it’s time to scale, systemise, and hire and delegate before it all gets to be too much for you. But as a sole trader, you have no idea how to do that. The idea of taking time out from your business to hire and train someone else feels like it’s adding more work to your plate, not freeing you up! Yes its important in the long run but you’ll just put it off until you have a bit more breathing room to do it… except that time is never going to come.

My guest this week is more than familiar with these kinds of entrepreneurial worries and is here to walk us through a few points that make bringing in people to help you in your business a little less scary and a lot less complicated!

After two decades of leadership roles in the corporate world, founder of Idomeneo Enterprises Vicky Brown created the Leaders Journey Experience, an education program specifically designed to equip entrepreneurs and business professionals with the tools, guidance, and confidence to navigate the sometimes complex world of HR, in a less complex way.

With 20 years expertise in human resources management, strategy and transformation, Vicky’s HR leadership experience spans various industries, including technology, entertainment and advertising.  

An accomplished coach and #1 best selling author of the book Sing With Your Opera Voice, My Journey From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur, Vicky has dedicated her career and business to providing HR expertise tempered with the day-to-day realities of running a business.

She is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with practical HR expertise and business acumen to help them successfully establish and run their businesses.

Listen in as Vicky and I chat about the top HR issues entrepreneurs should be aware of, whether you should just have independent contractors instead of employees, and what you need to do to hire your first employee!

Find out more and connect with Vicky at her website, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

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x Marissa

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