Live launches are intense and can put your business into feast or famine mode - big influxes of cash every few months with nothing in between.

Evergreen funnels have gained popularity in recent years because they give you the opportunity to bring in regular cashflow without the intensity of launches - in theory it’s a set and forget job, you create your funnel, turn it on and let it do the selling for you!

That promise of predictability and stability with your income is very appealing, but what happens when you put all of your effort into creating your evergreen sales funnel and it doesn’t convert? What happens to the people on your email list who go through your funnel and don’t buy?

It seems we have pros and cons for both launches and evergreen, but did you know there’s another option you can consider? 

My guest today teaches agencies, coaches and course creators how to automate their sales without the stress of live launching OR relying on evergreen strategies that might fall short of their goals. 

As the visionary CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media, Nicki Krawczyk loves to challenge the conventional norms of live launching and traditional evergreen strategies. Her proven methodologies provide course creators with a predictable path to success, freeing them from the stress and limitations of outdated approaches.

Her Circuit Sales System has all of the excitement of live launching, but without the stress and risk. And it’s got all of the predictability of evergreen, but without the low conversions.

Listen in as Nicki and I chat about why a lot of evergreen funnels have low conversions, why live launching doesn’t work as well anymore, why Nicki’s Circuit System is perfect for coaches and course creators, and the results she’s seeing from her Circuit System members!

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