Need a quick cash flow boost for your business?

I am all about the easy offer.

Simple product or service offers that convert well, take almost no effort to put together, and give a quick win for your client or customer.

Here are my favourite easy offers - let me know if you give one a try!

Offer an hour of your time for consulting or mentoring.

This is without a doubt the quickest, easiest offer to create and release to your community. You can set it up in an hour.

All you need is a booking system to host your offer (I use and am an affiliate for Book Like A Boss). You create one page for people to book, pay and lock in a date and time to have a 1:1 session with you over Zoom.

If you've ever clicked on my "Book in a consult page" link at the bottom of my weekly emails, you'll know what this offer looks like. It's responsible for about 20% of my business income and all I have to do now that it's set up is show up on Zoom and talk about something I'm skilled and experienced at (Simplifying Business) with my client.

I keep my offer really simple and if you'd like to create a similar one, feel free to click on that link above and copy, paste and tweak mine, switching out the features of my offer for one of yours.

This is a really handy page to give people when they ask to "pick your brain" 

Presell a short course.

Creating a course doesn't have to be complicated. You take the top 5 questions your clients usually ask you, and you record yourself filming your answer, then share links to resources you have created or use that align with your answer. Upload your video, transcript, and resource links to a simple course platform like Teachable or ThriveCart, (affiliate links) and you have your first passive product ready to sell.

But an even easier option is to sell your course before you create it. This is a great way to test your offer and see if your community actually wants it enough to pay for it before you put in a day or two of work on it.

Create a simple sales page (using the systems above), tell people how your course will help them, add a little section about you and your experience in the industry, and let them pre-purchase it.

Put the course release date in big bold lettering at the top, middle, and bottom of your sales page so it's clear that people are buying now and getting access to your course later.

If people buy before your release date, then create your course and email them the access when it's ready.

Create a template from work you have already done and sell it.

This is a fantastic way to make money from things like your client onboarding emails, or your high-performing social media posts, or your launch emails. In fact, you can pretty much take any of your SOPs - your standard operating processes - and turn them into a template for other people in your niche to buy and use for their business. It's almost no work for you as you have already created it previously, you just need to whip up a sales page, and thank you page with a link to your template, and it's a fantastic resource for your customer as it will save them hours now that they don't have to create it from scratch themselves.

As always, if you need a hand creating any of these for yourself, tailoring it to suit your business, or if you have any questions on how to use the systems I've mentioned for your offer, book a consult and we'll do it together!

x Marissa

P.S. I recently added a section to my website sharing the tools I use to run my business easily, if you're interested in checking that out, click here!

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