I’m all about finding easier ways to do things, and systems and processes have been a game-changer in both of my businesses.

They help me save time and effort, and it’s a real confidence booster to not be “winging it” at work anymore!

Plus, systems and processes mean tasks are really easy to delegate now, which frees me up even more.

Here’s a quick run down on my approach to using systems and processes to simplify my business:

I systemised these tasks:

  • Social media content & strategy
  • Collaboration outreach
  • Sales funnels
  • Client onboarding

I optimised those tasks by asking myself what is frustrating about them, how can I make doing them easier?

The answer was pretty much templates, scheduling them into my calendar (so I remember to do them), and adding automation to the processes.

I added automation to these tasks by asking myself how can tech help make this smoother?

  • Social posts: Use schedulers, batch the content creation, repurpose my content so it shows up everywhere without much more effort
  • Emails: Use Gmail templates and schedule send to make it easier to manage email just twice a day
  • Bookings: Use a system to manage booking dates and upfront payments for consults & VIP Days, and for booking podcast recording sessions.
  • Sales: Use systems to set up an evergreen email funnel that encourages people to buy my passive products and book in for my VIP days

I hope you found these ideas helpful! If you'd like a peek at the tools I use to simplify my business you can check them out here.

x Marissa

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