Does your ego get in your way and hold you back from greatness?

Your ego is your unconscious brain that is usually motivated by old past beliefs, mindsets and habits that you aren’t even aware you’re doing.

We live in a very reactive world—our egos are feeding on everything from social media rants to tabloids and news headlines, all designed to emotionally manipulate us for the benefit of the source. 

But ego isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it can be a real strength. It’s only when it’s left uncontrolled that it can unintentionally damage our relationships with loved ones in our personal life and with customers, colleagues and peers in our business and career.

The good news is, you can change the role your ego plays in your relationships and make small but significant changes that add up over time and allow you to show up for yourself, and those around you, in a far more productive manner.

Christie Garcia is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Contributor to Forbes Coaches Council, and Founder of Mindful Choice Leadership Academy. She has 19 years of experience in sales, recruiting, and leadership development. For the last decade she has worked with current and upcoming leaders from fast growing organizations including Airbnb, Twitter, Movement For Life, Sunrun, and Oakley. 

Christie builds programs that help individuals and teams maximize their impact through self-awareness, ownership, communication, alignment, and accountability. 

One of Christie’s super-powers is helping her clients identify and manage their Ego in real time. Her clients build authentic confidence so they can communicate more effectively and maximize their impact within their professional teams and personal relationships. This is a modern approach that is designed to be simple. You just have to choose to be 1% better every day.

Listen in as Christie and I discuss what Egos are present in your business, identify the three Egos and learn how they sabotage your success, how the Ego unconsciously runs your conversations and relationships, procrastination, and other Ego tactics that keep you stuck in your business!

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