We talk about online courses a LOT here on the podcast because they’re such a game changer in your business when it comes to increasing your cash flow and freeing up your time.

Passive in my experience applies to everything once it’s all set up and working - you’ve created your product, you have a sales & delivery process set up for it, and you have a marketing strategy that actually converts.

So it’s not completely effort free, but it’s so much freer and easier than filling your week with 40 hours of on one on one coaching or services! I recommend adding an online course to pretty everyone I work with.

So what’s the best way to SELL your online program and create a RELIABLE passive income stream?

Most course creators rely on live launches to sell their course. But they can be quite unpredictable, especially the first few times you do it, and they come with a lot of risk because of their short time frame and “feast or famine” nature. All it takes is one broken link or misaligned message in your launch for profits to tank and the whole thing to flop. That’s a lot of pressure!

Equally, when creators go evergreen the traditional way, their conversion rates plummet, and the dream of passive income feels like it’s moving further out of reach.

What a lot of course creators don’t realise is there’s another way to sell that takes the best of both of these options and leads to predictable passive income and sustainable growth. You can "launch" with a profitable evergreen system and use ongoing, automated customer feedback to dial in your messaging and improve your sales conversions over time.

No more stressing and guessing your way to more course sales. You’ll have audience insights to inform you of where any leaky holes are and how to plug them!

My guest this week Abi Prendergast is the creator (and soon-to-be author!) of Day #1 Evergreen -- the automated funnel that's built to convert better every month. 

For years, Abi wrote launch copy for some of the biggest names in the course industry, including Amy Porterfield and Copyhackers. Eventually, the nail-biting pressure of live launches got to her, so she created a system that equips creators to hop off that live launch roller coaster and create a reliable flow of passive income in their business.

If you’ve been struggling with your passive product sales or procrastinating on creating them, or want to move away from live launches without a big drop in cashflow, you’re going to love what Abi has to share.

Listen in as Abi and I chat about the biggest challenge course creators face in 2024, why course creators shouldn't validate their online course before jumping into evergreen, how listeners can collect customer feedback & improve conversions, and what Abi includes in her Day #1 Evergreen funnel to increase conversion rates!

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