If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur who struggles to keep things streamlined and simple because you feel called to do lots of different things, this episode is for you!

One of the toughest decisions I had to make when I started my first business was what to actually focus on, because there were a number of things I was interested in, good at, and could help people with.

Everyone says to niche down and target a very specific audience with a very specific offer so that when they find us they know straight away we can help them, and that is good advice if you’re great at just one thing - but what if you’re great at lots of things? What if we choose the wrong thing to focus on? What if we waste a year focusing in one area and then realise later that we want to help people in other ways, with other products and services?

Do we need multiple personalities online? Can we group everything together? How do we tap into our multi-passionate traits and use them to our benefit, without having to force ourselves into a box?

My guest this week is the perfect person to talk to about this topic!

Tara Reid is a seasoned business and marketing strategist, renowned for her expertise in empowering entrepreneurs to build sustainable, evergreen marketing strategies.

With over 17 years of online entrepreneurship experience, Tara is a trusted guide for heart-centered, introverted and multi-passionate entrepreneurs seeking to achieve lasting success without compromising their authenticity.

Her passion for strategic thinking and personalized coaching drives transformative results, making a significant impact in the lives of her clients. 

Listen in as Tara and I chat about the best ways that multi-passionate entrepreneurs can keep things simple without niching down, what happened when Tara tried niching in the past vs doing things differently now, how Tara plans her marketing when she has lots of offers, and what she’d change if she went back in time to when she first started her business!

Get your free copy of Tara’s Value Ladder Workbook at ⁠https://thetarareid.com/valueladder⁠ 

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x Marissa

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