Remember when you first started your business and how excited you were to set your goals and plan out your business model, your offers, and your marketing strategy?

Then you got busy with the day-to-day running of your business and suddenly you were in the thick of it.

Proposals, onboarding, project work, handling the little things that pop up unexpectedly and seem to need your attention right away.

One day you look up and realise that while you enjoy what you do and have enough work to cover your bills and expenses, you haven’t really made any headway towards achieving your long-term goals in terms of business growth and profit.

You’re so busy focused on the everyday stuff that even just finding the time and space to start thinking long term again, let alone planning actions to achieve those goals feels impossible - you’re already exhausted just trying to keep everything going!
You want more results from your business, but if you put in more hours you’re risking burnout, and the whole reason you started your business in the first place was to have more freedom.

So what do you do?

Well, you start by learning from the people who have been there before.

This week Hunter Lowder joined me on the show to talk about reverse engineering business growth, and her insights and advice were so helpful!

Hi! I'm Marissa.

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Hunter is co-owner of Tortoise & The Bear, a business strategy, operations, and mindset coaching company that supports visionaries in bringing their wild and crazy dreams to life. Coupling her past business experience as CEO of a multi-million dollar company with mindful coaching approaches, Hunter helps service-based business owners create and prioritise a strategic plan to grow their impact and move their business forward in a sustainable way.

After suffering severe burnout as a CEO, Hunter is passionate about building a business in alignment with her values, and we had a really good chat about stair-stepping your way into the CEO role, Hunter's take on SMART goals, and the first step to take towards growing your business.

Click the link below to listen to Hunter's advice:

Reverse engineering your business growth with Hunter Lowder >>

x Marissa

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