Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned coach, I bet you already know that while having a calendar full of clients sounds pretty amazing, it can also get overwhelming.

Plus, back to back client calls isn’t the best to get to your next income goal and it certainly isn’t a way to scale your business!

If you’re coaching 40 hours a week, your income will hit a plateau. There are only so many coaching calls you can do in a week!

And when will you have time for admin, marketing, sales & retention?

When will you have time to enjoy your life?

My guest this week knows exactly how a crammed full coaching calendar can impact your business and lifestyle.

Lindsay Maloney was triple-booked with coaching clients for over three years. And while she loved what she did, it felt like someone kidnapped her calendar and booked it completely full with one-hour sessions without asking for her permission!

Her calendar was full of client calls, group coaching calls, podcast interviews, you name it, and Lindsay really wanted more freedom. 

No one wants to leave corporate to start their own business and then be chained to Zoom all day, we’d much prefer to choose a path towards a balanced and free coaching biz. But what does that really look like? 

Would you like to see fewer calls on your calendar, AND more sales coming in without you having to “be there” for it? 

You can get your time back and still bring in the same income (and a whole lot more) without having to go on calls all of the time, and Lindsay’s going to walk us through how to do it!

Listen in as Lindsay and I chat about the #1 thing to focus on when trying to reach 5 hour work week, time management hacks for more productivity, where to start with building out levels of offers & income, and how to build a sustainable & freedom-based coaching business that is not dependent on launching all the time!

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