I’ve been working online for 10+ years and the most common question I get asked is “what tools do you use to simplify your business?”

Here’s my answer!

Everything you see below is what I use to run my business in 2 hours a day, 4 days a week.

Some of the links are affiliate ones, so if you purchase using my link, I receive a commission.

If you’d like a step by step on exactly how I use a particular tool, or how you can use it to simplify your business, book in a consult and I’ll walk you through it :)

Can’t see the tool you wanted to ask about? I might have forgot to add it to the list. Let me know and I’ll include it.


I use Leadpages for my website, sales and landing pages.


For checkout pages for my online courses and now that they have added the learning platform, to host my online courses too! 


I use Convertkit for my weekly emails and evergreen funnel emails

Canva Pro

I use Canva pro for my branding, podcast graphics, sales page mock ups, ebook templates, social media images, link in bio style webpage, and so much more!  You can get the free version but Pro gives you access to the background remover, one click resize, and so many gorgeous stock images. 

Creative Market

For social media templates that are even more gorgeous than the Canva ones. I also find really nice graphics for my digital products here.

Google Workspace

For my professional email, for hosting all of my files (so I don’t have to pay for Dropbox as well), and for my online forms (clients book my services and then send their info via an online form so I don’t have to do phone or email back and forth). Super affordable and easy to use.

Book Like A Boss

For my consult bookings. My clients book and pay for their session and it creates a Zoom meeting automatically too. I also use this for booking my podcast guest recording sessions. It’s so easy to use and the booking pages are pretty with lots of white space.

Stripe and Paypal

For payment processing.


My top recommendation for hosting, selling and delivering your eBooks. So easy to use.


My back up recommendation for hosting your online course if you don’t have the budget for ThriveCart. Teachable has a handy free option when you’re starting out! 

Stock photos

I use a lot from Canva pro, and I also love the stock photos at Style Shoot Social. Gorgeous!

Social Media scheduling

I use the native scheduler in Facebook - it covers FB and Instagram and it’s free. I recommend Sked Social if you’re looking for more.


For my bookkeeping (I outsource to the most amazing bookkeeper who takes care of it for me as it’s NOT my zone of genius)


For recording my podcast solo episodes.


For recording my podcast guest interviews and for paid client sessions.


For hosting my podcast (completely free and puts me on all the major platforms). So easy to use.


For recording my YouTube and online course videos


For editing my YouTube videos, course videos and podcast episodes

Headliner and InShot apps

For creating those little videos with the moving radio waveform that I post on Instagram to promo podcast episodes

Deadline Funnel

The best evergreen funnel countdown timer Leadpages is second place to this one because DF has the option to add the timer to your emails as well as to your website page. 

For writing my email campaigns, sales pages, social media posts. This helps get me started when inspiration hasn’t hit or I’m not in flow, and it’s the perfect solution for copywriter’s block.

Done in A Day

If you want to add VIP Days to your business (and I highly recommend you do), this is a fantastic way to learn hw to do it efficiently.

Summit in a Box

Summits are a fantastic way to grow your email list quickly. Summit in a Box is my top recommendation to help you host your summit easily. Without it, you’ll be slogging it out for weeks. With it, you’ll have how to’s and templates that save a ton of time and effort.