At first glance systems and processes might not seem like a very exciting topic, but they really are the key to long-term success in your business!

We think of systems and processes as “important things that big companies have” but they provide a good foundation for ANY business whether you’re in your first year or two running your business solo, or expanding and building a team to support you.

If all of your How To’s are locked in your head, you can’t delegate, outsource or scale easily.

You’ll always be busy, always be reacting to things as they pop up and you’ll find it really difficult to take time off or even just focus on the parts of your business that you really enjoy!

If you know you need systems but think they’re too complicated to set up, this episode of The Simpler Business Podcast is for you because I’ve got an amazing expert in to talk about how you can approach systems in a simple, straightforward way!

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Michelle Broadbent is a business strategist who specialises in providing female business owners with smart, strategic solutions to transform the way they operate their business and life.

With a 20+ year career as a trusted advisor to female founders across an array of industries including media, marketing, fashion, design, executive coaching and training, she is passionate about seeing women succeed and has supported countless women as they step up from solopreneur to CEO in their business.

Michelle is known for smart, strategic solutions that build thriving businesses and provide women with the freedom to enjoy what matters most - in business and life.

In our chat, she shared some really good insights on why business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to add systems and processes to their businesses, along with some great practical tips on making systems and processes as pain-free as possible - including exactly where to start!

Click the link below to listen to Michelle's tips:

Simplifying your business systems with Michelle Broadbent >>

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