Keeping your client docket full is something most of us are nervous about when we’re first starting our business, whether we’re service providers, coaches or course creators.

When I speak with small business owners and entrepreneurs about working with clients, they’re typically focused on finding new ones, which I find very interesting, because retaining clients is actually much easier than attracting new ones. And when I ask why retention isn’t part of their regular strategy, the answer is usually something along the lines of “I don’t want to be too pushy or salesy, or seem to greedy, or make people feel like I only care about getting more money from them.”

If you’re currently working with clients and can see other ways you can help them and you don’t offer to do that, they’ll finish up with you and then a few weeks or months later realise they might need help with it, and then they might come back, or they might go with whoever else they’ve come across since then. And they’ll wonder why you didn’t pick up on it and offer to help them!

But if you have a simple way to offer a continued working relationship to your clients and you systemise it so you can make your offer in a friendly and confident way, the focus isn’t on whether you want more money or not, it’s on whether you care about their long term results.

So in case you need help with client retention, I’m sharing my favourite ways for course creators, service providers and coaches to keep working with their favourite clients without feeling pushy!

I’d love to know which of these client retention strategies you’ll be giving a try! Come chat with me on Instagram and fill me in on all the details xx

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