We all have natural talents and skills that make us unique and helpful.

Whether it's an eye for design, a knack for organising, a talent for cooking, a way with words, or an innate ability to connect with others, these skills can often feel like second nature and we don’t realise how valuable they truly are.

What if you could turn these natural gifts into a thriving business that not only fulfils your passion but also brings in substantial income?

You can leverage your skills to create more income and freedom.

Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Identify Your Natural Skills.

Take time to reflect on what you love to do and what comes easily to you.

  • What do people ask you for help with?
  • What do you find easy that other people struggle with?
  • What could you talk about for hours without noticing time fly by?

For an outside perspective, take a personality test, or ask friends, family, or mentors what they think you’re naturally talented at.

Step 2: Convert Your Skills into Business Opportunities.

Think about ways your natural skill can help other people solve a problem.

  • Can you save them time?
  • Can you save them effort?
  • Can you make something easier?
  • Can you make something less stressful?
  • Can you save them money?

Develop a personal brand that reflects your skills and values and shows people how you can help. Simply put - start telling people what your skill is and how it can make life easier for them:

  • Choose a social media platform you enjoy using and regularly share your insights, experience, and examples of how you’ve helped people or overcome hurdles in the past.
  • Start an email list for followers to join if they’d like to hear more from you.

Create an offer - a product or service aligned with your skill, that people can purchase online.

It can be as simple as a consult with you over Zoom, a day working together in person, or an ebook or online course teaching them how to do something or helping them overcome a problem.

Share the offer on your social media and in your emails.

Collaborate with other creators, entrepreneurs and business owners to get your brand and offer in front of more people.

Podcast guesting, summit speaking, and guest posting are 3 simple ways to reach new people and share your skill.

Step 3: Growth and Sustainability.

Continuously hone and expand your skill through education and practice.

Document your processes as you go and look for ways to streamline and simplify them to free you up more.

Over time you’ll start to see patterns, customers asking you the same 5 key questions, common hurdles your clients face, and key areas they tend to struggle with.

Use that knowledge and experience to make your offer even more attractive and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Create other offers that complement your signature offer to give potential customers more choices when working with you in terms of niche and budget.

Stay on top of industry trends to keep your offers relevant and valuable, and be willing to adapt and evolve as you learn more about your ideal customer and yourself.

There are so many opportunities these days to create a business out of something you find easy or enjoyable!

You can reach millions of people online, and create digital products and online services to sell and deliver to anyone across the globe.

If you’re willing to put a little effort into self-discovery, strategic planning, and consistent action, you can absolutely turn your natural skills into a money-making machine and create a fulfilling and lucrative career on your own terms.

Embrace your natural skills, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and watch as your passion becomes profit!

x Marissa

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