Two struggle points I see over and over again from business owners are decision making, and data.

●      Decision making for business owners brings up a lot of stuff - starting with the amount decisions we have to make every day. Big ones and little ones! Then there’s the emotional attachment we have to the decisions we make:

●      What if I go this way and something bad happens? 

●      What if I make this decision and something doesn’t work out? 

●      What if we freeze and don’t make a decision at all and then we miss out on something?

Data is the other area we tend to struggle with. If you’re not naturally a numbers person, you tend to stick your hand in the sand because when you don’t know your numbers, it feels scary to look at them!

But what most business don’t realise is that data can actually free you up emotionally from the decisions you make in your business. It can take the pressure off!

My guest today is going to walk us through how to use data to help you make intuitive decisions confidently!

Christine Tyler Pell founded COO, Inc after realising that the business owners in her life were very uncomfortable with math and data. Now she teaches creative consultants, coaches, and designers how to leverage data and their unique power to build the businesses of their dreams, easily easily delegating ALL the work that drains them while consistently delighting their clients.

As a former accountant, it's a passion of Christine’s to help business owners LOOK at their numbers. A lot of her clients are actually afraid of them but it's all there to help you and she wants to make that a little easier!

Listen in as Christine and I chat about what type of data we should all be looking at, how intuition and data work together to make informed decisions, where most business owners are going wrong when it comes to their data, and what it looks like from a higher level!

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x Marissa

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