I love reading and hearing about other entrepreneurs’ daily routines.

I find it really interesting, inspiring and motivating to see just what somebody else gets up to during the day and how they make it work for their business and their life.

Today, I'm sharing mine in case you like reading about them too!

I work eight hours a week running two online businesses. It’s not always the same, but this is how my simple life as an entrepreneur and mother of 2 looks right now.

I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but I batch my work so that I still show up online daily.

6:30 am

I wake up, have breakfast in bed, use my phone to catch up on social media and publish a pre-prepared Instagram Reel.

I help the kids get ready for school and drop my youngest off before returning home to start my workday.

9:00 am

I spend about 90 mins working, and it normally looks like this:

  • Check & respond to emails (15 min)
  • Do project work, batching tasks (60 min)
  • Check & respond to emails (10 min)
  • Plan project work for tomorrow (5 min)

At some point during the day, I also record a podcast either for my own show or as a guest on someone else’s, or if I don’t have a recording scheduled I work on a pre-record for an upcoming virtual summit. The timing for this usually varies depending on my collaborator’s timezone, sometimes it’s early in the morning, sometimes, late in the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening.

After that, work is done for the day!

11:30 am

I love a hot lunch, but I don’t like a lot of effort. I’ll set my rice cooker, take care of the morning dishes, and if it’s winter I’ll have a quick shower and then come back to heat up some soup I’ve batched cooked previously and frozen, to pour over my rice for lunch.

12:00 pm

I take a looong lunch break, at least a couple of hours. This is when I watch my shows and just chill out while I have the house to myself before the kids get home from school.

2:00 pm

This is my housework part of the day, I take care of a load of washing and do a little tidying or cleaning.

3:00 pm

The kids are home from school so the next couple of hours are spent hanging out together or if they’re busy I tend to potter about the house, do a little reading or a jigsaw puzzle, or have a cup of tea outside on the verandah.

5:00 pm

If it’s my turn to cook, I’ll put dinner on now — I’m in a simple dinner phase right now so it’s normally something thrown into the oven or a simple pasta meal.

While dinner’s cooking I’ll feed our pets, and get the evening dishes started so I only have to pop a couple of plates in the dishwasher later.

That’s it as far as responsibilities go!

The rest of the evening is spent having dinner, nagging my kids to get off their devices, taking a shower (I love relaxing nighttime showers unless it’s winter when we run out of hot water quickly and I let the kids have it at night seeing I’m home during the day) and heading to bed nice and early to watch a movie, some YouTube, or read for a bit.

I hope you found my workday routine interesting, and I'd love to hear about yours too. Come chat with me on Instagram and let me know what your typical workday is like!

x Marissa

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