Sometimes the start of the workday can feel so overwhelming.

The day stretches before you, the To-Do list feels huge, you know everyone will be calling and emailing nonstop, and you can't wait until it's time to finish up for the day, even though it has barely started!

I hate having a whole workday in front of me. I can give about 2 hours of productivity and then I crave downtime, so I've built my business around a 2 hour work day. It took time to get there, but it's working well for me now.

If you hate the feel of a long work day ahead but you're not in a position to pare back to just a couple of hours at work, there is another option to make it feel less overwhelming!

Divide your workday into 3 sections:

  • Morning session
  • Early afternoon session
  • Late afternoon session

It's a very simple tweak to your workday, but it makes such a positive difference!

Here's why sectioning your day is awesome:

It makes it easy to tailor your workday based on when you're most productive.

I'm most productive first thing, so my highest priorities get scheduled for this time of day. If I'm working in the late afternoon which is when I'm personally not productive at all, that's when I'm doing the easy stuff like social media scheduling, or the random things like cleaning out my email inbox.

It's a really easy way to reward yourself for getting things done.

If you get all of your morning session tasks done quickly, you can take yourself out for a long lunch. Or if you power through your middle session tasks, you can get a head start on your last session's To Do's and reward yourself with an early finish!

If something goes horribly wrong during one of your sessions, you can give yourself a clean slate for the next session instead of writing off the entire day.

You get to take a break and get a fresh start in your next session with a new focus, and that works wonders for your mindset!

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go this week - divide your workday into 3 sessions and let me know if it helps you feel less overwhelmed, more inspired or motivated.

x Marissa

P.S. I recently added a section to my website sharing the tools I use to run my business easily, if you're interested in checking that out, click here!

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